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Non-Pressure Exterior Cleaning by Elite Roof Cleaning


Safe Non-Pressure RCIA Certified Roof Cleaning is our main business. We also offer very professional cleaning of Decks, Fences, Drive and Walk ways, Gutters and whole house cleaning and washing, utilizing the latest and safest procedures in the industry. We are fully insured for your protection.


Our purpose in business is to make your home and business property look the best it can through a clean and attractive appearance. Annual roof cleaning maintenance contracts are available.

Roof And Siding Cleaning Can Be Done Without High Pressure

As the owner and operator of a residential exterior cleaning service, it never ceases to amaze me how much terrible information there is floating around out there. Many people are of the incorrect opinion that there is no better way to remove roof stains or wash a house than with very high pressure. Educated consumers, however, understand that in the vast majority of situations high power is simply not necessary, and will always go out of their way to find a truly qualified non-pressure roof cleaning contractor.

High pressure can work to remove the mold and mildew from your home's exterior surfaces, but if it causes damage in the process then it should not be used.  If it has the power to blast away years of accumulated muck then it surely has the power to blast away things that should remain in place!  Just as persuasion is better than force, there is a better alternative to super-high pressure.

Patio Washing


Pressure Washing is an effective means of removing built-up grime, slime and debris from a patio, including one made of brick, pavers, concrete or even wood



Deck Cleaning


We offer expert pressure washing techniques and products to clean, refresh, restore, enhance the beauty and integrity of your deck.



Pool Washing


Pool Pressure Washing can give your pool a fresh new look while removing mold and stains from the pools surface. Our trained pool cleaning professionals have the right equipment and knowledge to clean your pool without causing damage to the surface.


Office Building Washing


If the outside of your office building isn't reflecting the kind of professionalism your offer, we can help polish your exterior so that it reflects the hard work that goes on inside.

Walkway and Sidewalk



The first impression of your house is the driveway, sidewalk and walkways. The driveway is usually the first thing visitors are greeted by when arriving at your home.  The look of the driveway and sidewalk definitely makes a difference to the look of your home and makes it more inviting to guests.

Fence Washing


Washing a fence should be taken with great care. Soft washing is the recommended method of cleaning your fence as part of your regular maintenance. You won’t realize that the beauty of the fence will come through with a little bit of cleaning.

Commercial Building Washing


Elite Roof Cleaning offers a variety of commercial and industrial pressure washing .  A clean commercial building exterior speaks volumes about your business.



Parking Lots and Parking Deck Washing


it is recommended that you clean your parking lots and parking decks at least once per year. We offer competitive pricing on this service that will ensure your parking areas stay clean and portray the best image for your business.


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